Where Did the Fundraiser Money Go?

Where Did the Fundraiser Money Go?

People are outraged by the things the Unicorn Moms admins are saying about their own members; however, the most common question they have is, where did the money go from the restaurant fundraiser? All we know is what Maria has said, and what she has said in private is completely different than the faces she puts on in front of a crowd.

That’s the screen shot from the first post, that shows she is lying about where the money is going. The next questions I had were, when was the fundraiser and was a donation ever made? She has such an active social media presence, finding out the date of the fundraiser was easy.

As we can see, the event was on November 20, 2018. In 3 1/2 months, she definitely should have made a donation, right? Well it would’ve taken quite a bit of legwork to force her to show financials on it. Maria didn’t let us down though. She’s great at putting herself in the hot seat, and she managed to make things even worse for herself. She decided to prove to everyone that all the money went to the United Way.

Look at the date. 3/7/2019. The same day the screen shots were released and people started accusing her of giving the money to her friend. Does she expect everyone to believe it takes 3 1/2 months to donate to the United Way? I do it several times a month and it’s actually quite simple. Also, $400? She’s constantly bragging that her group had nearly 40,000 members. We all want to know how much money that event made and how much money suddenly went into her friend’s bank account.


I’ve been digging around to see if anyone knows how much money was raised. I found an interesting comment on a post someone made.

I encourage everyone who donated to file a report. You donated money to go towards the United Way’s disaster relief fund. You deserve to know where it is.

Unicorn Moms: Empowering or Destroying Women?

Unicorn Moms: Empowering or Destroying Women?

Maria Hunt, a self-proclaimed entrepreneur started a little Facebook group back in 2015. She has done several interviews with mommy bloggers, and she sticks to one common theme. She was tired of the catty, backstabbing behavior of women, so she wanted to create a safe space for like-minded women to lift each other up. She started her group under the guise of it being a support group, but what it has turned into over the last four years is something much different.

Sounds like a great place to chat and make friends, right? Some women felt very safe there. So safe, in fact, they’d divulge dark secrets and struggles. One mother even reached out to the group when she felt so much pain in her life, she didn’t want to go on living. She made a post telling the women that she planned on killing herself soon. The reaction of the admins, however, wasn’t what you would expect in a support group, or from any human being with a heart.

“Next time I’m going to say do you need a gun.”

This comment was the beginning of a shit storm that started to rain down on Maria and her admins. Kristi addressed the issue by banning self-harm as a topic from the group because it’s not “fair” to the admins to have to read about such deep-seeded issues. Many of the group members left over these disgusting behaviors, others defended it, and some simply remained silent. The ones who decided not to stay silent, however, left quite a trail in their scorned wake. They say hell hath no fury like a woman scorned, and the internet is proving it to be true. Screenshots are now being freely shared about other disgusting comments that have left a bad taste in people’s mouths.

Maria posts regularly in the group professing her love for community of now more than 35k women. Of course she does. She sells them shirts, car decals, and other merchandise. Public records show that she makes over $200,000 a year selling items to the women that brandish the Unicorn Moms logo. Her love begins and ends with their wallets, because more screen shots of their conversations prove that they have no respect, let alone love for these women.

I’m so sorry you couldn’t “gage” how dumb they are.

Not only do they make fun of the members in their private chat, they berate the members if they ever do the same thing to each other. They climb on their pedestals and attempt to be the moral compass of the group, but this just proves the hypocrisy in their actions.

I chose to cover up the photo for 2 reasons:

  1. There is a child in the picture that I have no personal connection to or right to share.
  2. She has already been a victim of bullying in the group and I don’t want to plaster her face on the rest of the internet.

But even without the picture, you can see how fake they are behind closed doors.

Not only do Maria and her minions make fun of their members, they decide when they need to be knocked down a peg with good ol’ fashioned death threats.

Maria has gone from calling Unicorn Moms a Facebook group to a company. Talking this way about customers doesn’t tend to keep them around.

Speaking of companies, the best ones always give back to the community, right? Well during the last round of tragic wildfires in California, that’s exactly what the admins of Unicorn Moms decided to do… or is it?

Maria has a friend who owns a restaurant and they told the UM community they were going to have a fundraiser there and proceeds were going toward UMs who lost their homes in the fires. What the members didn’t realize was that wasn’t exactly true. The money from this fraudulent fundraiser was going toward the restaurant owner herself.

Why would they actually give the money to the women who need some help? In Kristi’s words, she doesn’t care about them losing their homes.

Their outreach during these tragic times didn’t end there. They also wanted to take some firemen to eat and thank them for their hard work and sacrifice.

Just kidding.

The women just wanted hot firemen to look at across the table.

Apparently the admins of a Facebook group are far more deserving than these firemen.

It’s safe to say that they’ve let a social media group go to their heads. It’s definitely not a safe space for women. It’s a war zone. Maria, Kristi, and the rest of the admins have always stated that they don’t care what people think. I’m pretty sure they’re going to care when they can no longer make money off of their group. It’s a wonder anyone has stayed this long, considering they’ll be downright confrontational with their members.

The tables have since turned when it comes to ass kissing. Kristi left the group and then used their Facebook Page inside the group to publish an “apology”.

I think I can speak for the majority when I say that no one is buying this, Kristi. It’s too little, too late. You’re sorry you got caught. You’re sorry that your best friend Maria might actually have to get a job because the numbers are dropping.

These women are the mean girls they pretend they are fighting against. They don’t deserve your time, loyalty, or money. They don’t deserve praise on mom blogs or entrepreneurial websites. The only thing they deserve is to have their masks ripped off and thrown into the spotlight for what they really are.